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About Us

We are an entirely clinically-led team with a passion for improving the effectiveness of patient care. Formed in 2019 from a core of ex-NHS clinicians determined to innovate and develop diagnostic services built on the latest evidence, innovation and exceptional care. Our aim is to be one of the largest providers of community-based diagnostics accessible to patients where they need it, when they need it and provide the reassurance that diagnostic images and reports are available efficiently to support further management pathways. The centre is CQC registered and JAG compliant.

Our team of experienced Consultant Doctors, Specialist Nurses and support staff have extensive knowledge of JAG accreditation and work to meet this criteria to demonstrate clinical excellence in the field of endoscopy.

What we do

We run community-based diagnostic services and work with both the public and private sector to bring the best care to patients closer to where they live. We design services to get people to the care they need quickly, and help them back to independence as effectively as possible. This means transforming care and empowering people to achieve great long term health outcomes.

We work with Joint Advisory Group to maintain compliance with best practice.

We design and transform services through efficient and effective management, based on what has been shown to work both internationally and locally, working with lead clinicians and researchers to develop and maintain best practice.

We partner with Private Health Insurers, NHS Commissioners, GPs, Hospitals and 3rd Sector organisations to develop, streamline and improve clinical quality, responsiveness, access, engagement with local communities and programmes to improve population health. We are committed to pursuing the best health for the largest population and have delivered significant savings by reducing ineffective care, improving access and innovating in demand management.

Our belief in the power of education, both for clinicians and patients, underpins our approach. We deliver e-learning, lecturing and sustained mentoring and fellowship programmes to our clinical teams, translating research into practice, and practice into health outcomes.

We design and publish innovative patient education and support as a vital part of our desire to promote independence and sustained good health.


How we do it

Through clinical leadership

Our organisation is founded and run almost exclusively by clinicians in the field.

By building services
around the patient

This leads to better, sustainable outcomes, clearly evidenced through research, as well as more efficient pathways.

With self-determination

Making decisions and managing change rapidly, based on our evidence and our own conviction.

By promoting and
developing professions

Developing the right skills and supporting clinicians to lead health provision. Providing skilled clinicians with innovative technology to deliver clinical excellence.

By innovating from research
and experience

Systematically and objectively reviewing our experience and the research of others to drive evidence based innovation.

With care and compassion

Making positive interventions with patients in their lives with care and compassion.